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New 16.0" HP G G60-438NR LCD Screen WXGA Glossy

New 16.0" HP G G60-438NR LCD Screen WXGA Glossy
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16.0" Wide WXGA, Bright Glossy screen - Guarenteed to work on your 16" HP G G60-438NR Laptop - Replacement screen with compatible part numbers - LTN160AT01-A01,LTN160AT01-A02,LTN160AT01-C01,LTN160AT01-N01,LTN160AT01-N02,LTN160AT01-W02,LTN160AT02,LTN160AT02-001,LTN160AT02-002,LTN160AT02-H01,LTN160AT02-H02,LTN160AT02-N01,LTN160AT02-N02,LTN160AT02-W01,LTN160AT1,SEC3041

New 16.0" HP G G60-438NR LCD Screen WXGA

Glossy Wide Screen Display


 16" HP G G60-438NR Laptop Lcd Screen Wxga glossy screen by lpbatt.com  


Hard to find 16.0inch Screen


This is a 16.0" replacement screen comes with a connector which exactly works with your laptop

We give 1 year warranty on screens. This is Grade A+ Screen.


Best option to use a LED Screen for above laptop model. We throughly tested 

  • 16.0" CCFL (LCD) Screen - LTN160AT01 /LTN160AT02 or compatible.

  • We ship 16.0" LTN160AT06 or compatible Screen + Converter Cable & enjoy LED Quality screen

  • We guarentee 100% on compatibility. If it does not work we take it back for refund minus shipping

  • Package comes with pre-assembled SCREEN + Converter cable ready to install on above laptop laptop model.

Package comes with pre-assembled SCREEN + Converter cable ready to install on above laptop laptop model


If you need Backlight CCFL Bulb, Lcd Backlight Inverter  Try Here

Laptop Anti-Scratch LCD Screen Protector Keyboard Guard / Protective Sheet Against liquid spils and dust



We are a BBB Accredited business in US.We ship 6 days a week. We do Overnight delivery to many locations. 

You can pickup if are in Delaware see our address here. We carry physical Stock.



Technical Specs Screen Size 16.0" Inches LCD screen
Technology WXGA Wide Screen
Data Connector/ Pins 30 Pin Connector
Backlight Type LCD-LED
Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Screen Type TFT Active Matrix Display
Type Glossy
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Actual Size (Visible area): 14.4" x 8.5"
Condition New No dead Pixels



Compatible Part Numbers LTN160AT01-A01,LTN160AT01-A02,LTN160AT01-C01,LTN160AT01-N01,LTN160AT01-N02,LTN160AT01-W02,LTN160AT02,LTN160AT02-001,LTN160AT02-002,LTN160AT02-H01,LTN160AT02-H02,LTN160AT02-N01,LTN160AT02-N02,LTN160AT02-W01,LTN160AT1,SEC3041



See LCD Screen Installation instructions

Troubleshooting LCD for Laptops & Notebooks


You need to consider changing laptop LCD / LED screen when you see below symptoms 

1. Is your laptop LCD/LED screen cracked or broken?
2. No display when connected to external monitor?
3. Dim ,fainted display or Pink or red or other shades or Dull display? or Lines You can try changing inverter or CCFL Bulb

First connect your laptop to external monitor thru VGA Cable and see if display comes properly if yes then
your lcd or Inverter  or CCFL Bulb is bad




Other parts you may need  for This particular laptop model


Additional Parts

  • DC Car Charger for your HP G G60-438NR Laptop / Netbook / Notebook

  • Upgrade Hard Drive for your HP G G60-438NR laptop / netbook

  • Optical Drive for your HP G G60-438NR laptop

  • You can find Usb External DVD/CD drive for HP G G60-438NR laptop

  • We have Memory upgrade for this HP G G60-438NR laptop search our website

  • Flexible USB WebCam 360degree rotatable, 5.0 MP for HP G G60-438NR Laptop

  • Fast Wifi Wireless Cards Usb or Pcmcia card for this Model

  • Hard Drive Caddy for This Laptop model.

  • CPU Fan for HP G G60-438NR laptop computer.

  • Universal Charger Work with any laptop / netbook / devices in the world

  • We have Keyboard for HP G G60-438NR Laptop/Notebook


Frequently Asked Questions on LCD Screen replacement

Q: Installation and trouble shooting instructions:

Q: Symptoms for Faulty Screen: Few tips:

Q: How to Tell if My CCFL backlight Bulb is Faulty ?

Q: How do I tell if my LCD Inverter is bad?:






Wholesale Orders / Government / Schools welcome. 

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Warranty on the product:  with 1 year direct replacement warranty

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