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New Dell RN873 Battery - 1 Year Warranty directly by NbBatt.com

New Dell RN873 Battery - 1 Year Warranty directly by NbBatt.com
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Product ID 106834
Weight 2.00 lbs
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Brand New Dell RN873 Laptop battery
High Capacity 6600mAh, 11.1v, 9-Cell Li-ion battery.
1 YEAR Warranty directly by NbBatt.com

BRAND NEW Dell RN873 BATTERY by NbBatt.com

(6600 mAh - 9 Cell - 11.1v - 85 whr)


This is a Best quality Dell RN873 battery. We Offer 1Year Warranty Protection

 see for other parts you many need


See compatible part numbers below

Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery - Brand New Dell 1525 Battery with 1 Yr Warranty
Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery - Brand New Dell 1525 Battery with 1 Yr Warranty
1  Year Warranty


Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery - Brand New Dell 1525 Battery with 1 Yr Warranty


More Information

Battery Info

Brand New Dell RN873 Li-Ion 6600 mAh 9 Cell Battery

                               see for other parts you many need

Power Rating: 6600 mAh  9Cell 11.1volts 85 whr 4 to 5 Hour Runtime
Color: Grey Color
Warranty coverage Your Battery comes with 1 Year Warranty
Battery  Condition This is a New Dell RN873 Battery. We get fresh stock every week

Compatible Part numbers

Compatible Models and part #s -  Dell RN873 8 Cell Laptop Battery 


GP952, RU586, RN873, WK379, X284G, XR693, GW240, GW252, GW952, 0GW252, D608H,
312-0625, 312-0626, 312-0633, 312-0634 1525 1526, M911, X284G.


Compatible Models


This Dell RN873 Battery compatible with below other models by NbBatt.com


Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell Inspiron 1526, Dell Inspiron 1545, Dell Vostro 500 Series Laptops

We are selling batteries since 2001. We are genuine US Sellers selling batteries since 2001. You may find other places who sell for few bucks cheaper but they do not offer warranty or they do not honor warranty. 


How to Care your Dell RN873 Laptop battery to last longer


Once a month completely drain battery until all power is out and then recharge fully, that makes battery to achieve its full cycle and do this every month.


Frequently Asked questions & Why our batteries are the best

Our batteries have the best quality Premium Cells.

                                          see for other parts you many need


What is Milliamp Hours mAh - Measures battery power capacity. Higher the number means more run time. comes in 6600mah and 7200mah models 


53whr or 90 wHr  What it means.  Watt hour means total power laptop takes to run. If 53whr battery runs 160minutes then  hours then a 90whr comes almost double. so the result is 4-5 hours run time. Remember, run time depends on what you are doing on the laptop. if you do basic stuff then it lasts longer. if you are working on many applications it may come less. 


Power Savings 6600 mAh battery saves money on power bill. see below
                                               see for other parts you many need


Always use the power supply when ever possible and try to reduce brightness of screen and use screen saver, use sleep mode and when ever you are using DVDs or working with video editing or other power consuming applications always use AC Power adapter. Understand that battery cell constantly decreases its power holding capacity over course of time. you many not get full amount of charge but reduced run time. it is normal.


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